"It's undeniable that the Druids were true erudite as well as wizards, wise and knowledgeable of the cosmos"

Ernesto Baron


"...these wisemen, descendants of the stars, were settled throughout the Northern Polar icecap, including lands like Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England, etc. These colossal men were the transmitters of a powerful, magical and cosmic knowledge to the various peoples of the Earth: magnetism, vibration, management of the forces of polarity, channelling of energies, etc."

" As true lovers of magic and Nature, which they understood perfectly, the Druids carried out all kinds of wonders within the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. They discovered the power of stones… Forests, lakes and rivers were places of divine presence..."

"The Tuatha de Dannan received their name from this tutelary goddess, who is Minerva herself or the Greek Athena"

" Stonehenge is the most famous of the known megalithic circles. The giant size of its stones, dolmens and menhirs, has made the cromlech of Stonehenge the most well-known in the world... Its construction indicates a culture with great gifts of astronomical knowledge as archaeologists and scientists are only just beginning to discover. "

" ...most of the pictograms or unknown figures that have materialised coincidentally have been discovered in the surroundings of Stonehenge, this great pre-Celtic observatory. Stonehenge is at the centre of the mystery. Why? "

" In ancient times, in which Nature was entirely integrated with the purest of men, the stones, by means of their soul-energy, came to life, the same also happened in the vegetable and animal kingdoms; ages of dragons, winged horses, unicorns. "